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ritratto Armandolow

Armando Rotoletti was born in Messina, Italy in 1958. He studied photography in London, at the St. Mary College and the London Polytechnic, now called University of Westminster, and started there his professional career. In the ’80s he moved to Milan and worked in photojournalism.

Between 1985 and 1995 he produced a number of works which appeared in both personal and ensemble exhibitions. In 1990 he was invited by Grazia Neri to join her famous agency, thus starting his career as portrait photographer of renown people from the arts, entertainment and economics. His work was published on a number of magazines such as Corriere della Sera’s supplements “Sette” and “Io donna”, Vanity Fair and The Sunday Times.

In addition to his commitment to the press, he has been working for the past ten years on far-reaching projects: The Faces of Wisdom – portraits of Italian philosophers; Faces, Stories – photographs of the occupants at Casa della Carità, a shelter run by Father Colmegna; Barbers of Sicily, a photo reportage on the last few traditional barber shops on the island. Currently, as well as portrait photography he is also doing landscapes and face-scapes of particular areas in the food and agricultural sector, such as Langhe, Food Valley and so on: People of Barbaresco is the first published work in this new endeavour.

With Talking Circles of Biancavilla, Armando Rotoletti gives anthropological insight on a Sicilian town on the slopes of Mount Etna, facing an uncertain fate and in constant conflict with modernization. Another recently published book, Valelapena, gives an account of redemption stories in the prison of Alba, where inmates are allowed to work in its vineyard and produce excellent wine. His latest book, Scicli, city of joy, is the photo story of one of the most charming baroque towns in Southeast Sicily. His archive photos are currently distributed by Luzphoto Agency.

A selection of Armando Rotoletti’s main monographic books:

Scicli, città felice (Scicli, city of joy), Arti Grafiche Favia, Modugno (Bari) 2014.
Valelapena, Graficart, Biassono (MB) 2013.
Circoli di conversazione a Biancavilla (Talking Circles of Biancavilla), Arti Grafiche Favia, Modugno (Bari) 2013.
Gente di Barbaresco (People of Barbaresco), Arti Grafiche Favia, Modugno (Bari) 2013.
Barbieri di Sicilia (Barbers of Sicily), Grafiche Mariano, Mariano Comense 2007; now available also in ebook format with additional multimedia content.
Casa della Carità. I volti le storie (Faces, Stories), Skira, Milano 2005.
Lorenzo, cerbiatto di città (Lorenzo, city dear), Grafiche Migliorini, Milano 1990.
Milano, bianco e nero (Milan, black and white), Arti Grafiche F.lli Fiorin, Milano 1989.