Some links relating to my work and not only:


I’m a big supporter of the Italian Association for Cancer Research. I regularly collaborate with them, working on cover stories for their magazine “Fondamentale”.


Anastasia Miliou is the leader of Archipelagos, a Greek environmentalist association that operates in the Aegean sea. Together with her husband, Theodoris Tsimpidis, and about twenty other volunteers, they monitor the sea and its wildlife and (almost) heroically oppose to the fishing industry’s illegal fishing.

Cascina Papa Mora

Adriana and Maria Teresa Bucco’s farm, where I’m always welcome and where I hold my photography workshops all year long.

Torre Dantona Country Hotel

A splendid resort located near Scicli, one of the loveliest baroque towns in Sicily, where I often stay on my Sicilian expeditions.

United Euro Bridge

Diana Cetara, known as “the Angel of unemployed youth seeking new jobs in Europe”, runs the United Euro Bridge, which deals with international recruiting and is the only UK non-profit organisation in this field. They combine resources and related demand and deliver qualified personnel for remunerated stages all over Europe.